Team Coaching Principles and Methods to Enable Collaborative Excellence

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by Martin Echavarria - Coherence Inc.

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One thing is for sure, Covid-19 and the recent protests in the US have illuminated how important it is to be part of a community, to connect and collaborate with others and take collective action together in times of crisis to change the circumstances we are all living in, be it working in healthcare, business or simply experiencing the inequities in our societies and other collective challenges – the work of teams is ever more needed today than ever in our past.

Perhaps your practice has been focused on coaching individuals, and you have realized that your clients cannot by themselves change the systems in which they work (or not often) and perhaps you have noticed just how important groups and teams are for being able to confront the challenges of a modern organization!

Has this happened to you? It happened to me several times where I worked with leaders and ended up coaching their teams!

I then realized that is Exactly what is needed today!
Teams becoming capable to work productively together to address problems and challenge we face collectively at work, as well as bring forth project we care about and want to build together with others. Change really only happens with all of us – together in relationship.

And, perhaps you have also considered that certain capabilities are learned only at the collective level, in relationship with others. Skills that one simply can’t develop through individualized work.

Collaboration, Cooperation, Communication are some of these, among others; they emerge and are developed primarily at the team level when we begin to work with colleagues.

Are you prepared to become an agent of change in groups to ignite these capabilities?
If so, I invite you to take part in this enriching small group seminar that introduces you to Team Coaching, Principles and Methods to Enable Collaborative Excellence.

In this small group seminar experience of no more than 8-10-participants, you will expand your toolkit and confidence in team/group coaching work and take away a practical understanding of group dynamics, and the foundational principles that unlock team dysfunction which open toward authentic engagement and productive action.

As a X-Korn Ferry leadership coach and collaboration expert, Martín Echavarria has enabled collaboration across all kinds of organizations, from Apple, to McKinsey&Co., Microsoft, Verizon, and many others. His work is informed through over 15 years of study and practice in individual integral coaching and team coaching, dialogue, and social psychology.

Whether you are new to coaching or an expert, Team Coaching, Principles and Methods to Enable Collaborative Excellence will expand your coaching toolkit and capacity.

Sign up today for this experiential 2-hour workshop and

  • Take your individual coaching practice to its natural next level – working with teams.
  • Learn the foundations of group/team coaching.
  • Be introduced to the inter-subjective journey that all groups must take to arrive at a state of real partnership.
  • Become aware of relationship challenges that all groups must face and overcome as they traverse group development stages.
  • Explore facilitation and coaching tips that support group learning and development.
  • Begin to recognize your own edge as you begin this deeply gratifying work.
  • Learn from others who bring their ideas and points of view to this open conversation on the topic.

“I’ve realized Team Coaching is like Individual Coaching but on Steroids! To be successful at it, you really need a kind of frame of understanding you can apply productively that is ridged enough to allow for the groups productive individuality to emerge, and not so loose that you end up relying on a kind of magical emergence of flow to happen, often times loosing you way – here I offer you a true method you can apply time and time again that you continuously grow from as a coach” Martín Echavarria

What participants have shared so far, now over 150 coaches, leadership practitioners and HR professionals have joined:
“After attending Team Coaching, Principles and Methods to Enable Collaborative Excellence presented by Martin Echavarria, I am thinking differently about how to move teams through to greater productivity much faster. The “stuff” that goes on within teams needs to be better understood by teams. And they need help to move through it with eyes wide open if they are going to reach their potential. Martin did a great job of walking us through all those things that are getting in the way. Thank you, Martin for an insightful presentation.” – Holly Teska, MBA, MCEC, ACC

" I attended Martín Echavarria's intro to team coaching. The workshop is packed with techniques, supported by solid theory and practice. I also found his facilitation of our group to be excellent. " - Peter Wolff

"I loved this !, the format was personal, which allowed us all to share our experiences and think through how what we were learning applied to our day-to-day and our coaching work - an unexpected surprise and just time well spent" - Cecilia Gomez

“I never realized how important my own way of working with a group could in such a profound way shape a group to collaborate better together, needing me to grow from being an “instrument of change” as Martin describes it, to becoming an “agent of change” in groups – it just never occurred to me. What a distinction and what a profound invitation for me!” – David Simmons

Price: US$25.00 (Without Slides) US$40.00 (Includes Slides)

After two months of complimentary pricing, I'm keeping pricing low due to Covid-19 and offering 5 tickets of the total as a Donation (pay what you can afford and what feels right to you).

I only ask that you pay it forward. Help a neighbor, give food to a homeless person, do something that supports someone. You can also donate to help us with costs, this is entirely up to you.

And please, please try your best not to cancel last minute.

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