Methods & Practices for Achieving Successful Alliances & Partnerships

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by Martin Echavarria - Coherence Inc.

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Collaborative partnerships are the key competency of any successful organizations today!

And it’s no secret that the role of Alliances and Partnerships Professionals is a simply indispensable leadership role in the modern interconnected and global competitive marketplace.

Today, Alliances and Partnerships extend across a network of actors that builds opportunities from new product innovations, to engaging in critical supply chain initiatives that address climate change, to capturing new opportunities and enabling collaborative advantage – alliances and partnerships are simply the NEW BUSINESS NORMAL.

But trust me, I’ve lived it! It’s not an easy role! But it can be very fulfilling!

Building strategic partnerships can look and feel as though you have to power your way through to win the deal, often applying limiting win-win sales techniques to close something, all the while knowing and wanting a different approach.

An approach where you and your partners can enter a state of co-creation, working together to bring to market truly game-changing alliances and partnerships – strategic relationships that multiply the pie rather than continue not cut it up into smaller and smaller pieces.

That’s what this Zoominar is about!

Sharing with you tools, approaches and methods for entering the conversations that lead to what we all want to go: creating something entirely new, innovative, and exciting in our field of alliance-making.

The reality is that there is extraordinarily little out there to help you be more successful, where you can have greater impact as an Alliance and Partnerships Leader.

This Zoominar conversation is the first step to help you to close that leadership gap, in learning something from a lifelong learning and practitioner to other likeminded colleagues!

Providing you with the leadership practices necessary for group collaboration to emerge while introducing you to an alliance business process for increased innovation, cooperation, and partnership.

A Business-Model created from over 15 years of working in the field integrating group leadership practices applied within a road-tested Alliance Development Process.

Here you will be introduced to new ways to lead a conversation and a way forward for increased successful alliances and partnership making.

If you find this compelling, I invite you to take part in this enriching small group seminar that introduces you to Methods & Practices for Achieving Successful Alliances & Partnerships.

In this small group seminar experience of no more than 8-10-colleagues, you will expand your toolkit and confidence in building alliances and partnership and take away a practical understanding of the levers of group collaborative leadership and a unique business process for alliances development.

You will walk away with practices and approaches you can implement immediately in your alliances work.

As a Wharton School Trained Alliances and Collaboration expert, Martín Echavarria has taught and been the award for Social Responsibility by ASAP (Association of Strategic Alliances Professionals) and brings to the session over 15 years’ experience as an alliance professional. Where he identified, approached, and developed many hundreds-of-millions-of-dollars in partnerships for American Express, MasterCard, Scotiabank, Orange Telecom, Digicel Group, PriceSmart and many others.

He has also coached executives and enabled collaboration as an X-Korn Ferry Client Partner for organizations like Apple, to McKinsey&Co., Microsoft, Verizon, Chevron, and many others. His alliances work is informed through over 15 years of study and practice in individual integral coaching and team coaching, dialogue, and social psychology.

Whether you are new to alliances development or an expert, Methods & Practices for Achieving Successful Alliances & Partnerships will expand your toolkit and capability to structure successful partnerships. Improving success rates and helping you to find a way forward in the most complicated of business dealings.

Sign up today for this experiential 2-hour workshop and

  • Take your alliances practice expertise to a new level.
  • Learn the foundations of group collaborative leadership – a powerful way to engage in conversations for co-creation.
  • Be introduced to the inter-subjective journey that all alliances groups must take to arrive at a state of real partnership.
  • Be introduced to an Alliances Business Process that will elevate and reorient how you “do alliances” today.
  • Become aware of relationship challenges that all groups must face and overcome as they travers the Alliances Business Process.
  • Begin to recognize your own collaborative leadership edge as you practice these new skills.
  • Learn from others who bring their ideas and points of view to this open conversation on the topic of building alliances and partnerships.

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