Today everyone talks about collaboration. It's the buzzword of the 21st century. From collaboration in the boardroom, to the conference room, across industries, geographies and culture, it is indeed the leadership capability needed to build business alliances and partnerships and tackle the world’s toughest challenges. From product design to the sourcing of raw materials, and across channel relationships, partnerships and alliances are interwoven across all supply and demand elements of corporate value creation. Even non-for-profits, NGO's and Public Entities seek alliances and partnerships to meet the needs of an increasingly interdependent and interconnected humanity.

In this cutting-edge work and first-ever "how-to" guide for building successful collaborations, Martin Echavarria, a business collaboration expert sets out to improve the success rates of strategic alliances and partnerships to become more competitive, more nimble, and more innovative. To do this, he introduces us to a framework that combines a collaborative leadership methodology with a breakthrough alliance development process applied to any industry or size of partnering organizations. Applying his unique approach, collaboration emerges as teams work to develop business alliances. In turn they become resilient to change and able to capitalize on innovative-co-created-opportunities.

This book is an essential guide for any innovator who is interested in driving tremendous value and success for themselves and their companies in this new world of global business alliances.


  • Bronze Winner 2016 at IPPY - Independent Publisher Book Awards for Business/Career/Sales.
  • Finalist at INDIEFAB 2016 in Business and Economics.

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