Leading Teams, Principles and Methods to Enable Productive Excellence

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by Martin Echavarria - Coherence Inc.

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It’s amazing how few of us where taught to lead teams!
Many of us where thrown into manager roles because we were successful sole contributors without an inkling of what it takes to lead others.

I have experienced it time and time again with all kinds of managers whom I’ve coached.
From the successful VP, even CEO for that matter, who has held many positions throughout their careers to new managers, many never understood, and few still know what it takes to enable groups to collaborative effectively.

Has this happened to you? Have you found yourself trying to lead your group, sometimes feeling as though you are having to do all the heavy lifting, as if you are leading a bunch of individuals but rarely feeling as though the group is truly aligned around what you are trying to accomplish?

Like “herding cats”, I’ve often heard. Not knowing what to do when and where?

The reality is, building collaborative leadership revolves around a unique set of understandings on group dynamics and leadership skills applied that foster group Collaboration.

A leadership stance that you foster which allows a group of individuals to come together, to solve challenging problems, create new opportunities and are able to leverage the strengths of the entire team to multiply their efforts and succeed together.

The Key question for you as a leader is: How do you enable such emergence without losing your authority and your role?

This two-hour small group seminar with other managers and leaders introduces you to the principles and methods to enable such emergence, understanding the kind of leadership that is required from you as the group transitions across its developmental path.

Are you prepared to become the leader you want to become, a true agent of change in groups to ignite these capabilities?
If so, I invite you to take part in this enriching small group seminar that introduces you to Leading Teams, Principles and Methods to Enable Productive Excellence.

In this small group seminar experience of no more than 8-10-participants,you will expand your toolkit and confidence in leading your teams and take away a practical understanding of group dynamics, and the foundational principles that unlock team dysfunction which open toward authentic engagement and productive action.

As a X-Korn Ferry leadership coach and collaboration expert, Martín Echavarria has enabled collaboration across all kinds of organizations, from Apple, to McKinsey&Co., Microsoft, Verizon, and many others. His work is informed through over 15 years of study and practice in individual integral coaching and team coaching, dialogue, and social psychology, in addition to 10+ years developing alliances and partnerships – practical understanding build on a true foundation of collaboration knowhow.

Whether you are an experienced leader or new to leading others, Leading Teams, Methods and Principles and Methods for Peak Performance will expand your toolkit and capacity as a leader and change agent.

Sign up today for this experiential 2-hour workshop and

  • Take your leadership competency to the next level – driving team peak performance.
  • Learn the foundations of group/team development and leadership.
  • Be introduced to the inter-subjective journey that all groups must take to arrive at a state of real partnership.
  • Become aware of relationship challenges that all groups must face and overcome as they traverse group development stages.
  • Explore facilitation and coaching tips that support group learning and development.
  • Begin to recognize your own edge as you begin this deeply gratifying work.
  • Learn from others who bring their ideas and points of view to this open conversation on the topic.

Invest in your own development to advance your career and capabilities as a people leader.

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