My mission is to ignite collaborative capability working with executives and managers to advance their leadership know-how, support coaches to learn how to work with teams and groups, and instrument alliances and partnerships practitioners to build successful business relationships.

I believe when people-centered leadership aligns to collaborative capabilities, organizations become more productive, more resilient, and more able to respond to change and volatility across all domains of organizational life – co-creating together responses that are innovative and coherent. Through this form of collaboration, people become more connected to one another and more trusting that “others have their back” in service to the work they are trying to accomplish as a group.

Martín Echavarria

Welcome to Coherence. I am happy you are visiting.

What you find here at Coherence is the culmination of many years of thinking through the dynamics of collaboration in groups and teams, studying the foundations of group psychology, dialogic practices, and other theories and methods to elevate group productivity and connection, in addition to many years learning by doing, developing alliances and coaching leaders and their teams.

I began this journey of collaboration early in my career when I first started as Partners Manager for American Express, negotiating with major airlines, retailers, entertainment companies, restaurants, and many others across the Latin American Region.

Working with American Express and later with MasterCard as the regional Head of Co-Branded Alliances led me to ask myself, “what is it that is really going on in groups?” , “how can we all be more productive, more engaged, and more able to co-create together?” , “what is it that gets in the way and how can we as leaders, coaches and alliances developers help to further our connection to one another to be more productive on the goals we set for ourselves”.

This inquiry, which frankly continues to this day, led me to study human development, small group practice, integral philosophy, and obtain my coaching certification in 2006 when I began working with leaders and continuing my work developing alliances and partnerships, integrating team/group leadership methods within strategic business development efforts.

Since those early years, I have worked on the topic of collaboration from such companies as Apple, McKinsey&Co., Verizon, American Express, Orange, Chevron, Microsoft, Nextera Energy, and many others supporting leaders, teams and companies to build relationships that are productive, engaging, and meaningful.

I invite you to take on this journey and join me in furthering your own collaboration capability, as leader, a coach or a partnership and alliances developer – making things happen and doing it in meaningful connection with others!

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