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Facilitating Collaborative Leadership
Enabling Performance in Groups, Teams and Partnerships

Collaboration is the new buzzword these days. After all, companies and organizations of all kinds rely on teams collaborating together internally, as well as groups working across organizations on a daily basis to make business a reality. Indeed Collaborative Leadership is the capability that all organizations must master in order for collaborative advantage to take hold and corporate resilience to be developed. But all too often collaboration is condensed down to the individual level and rarely understood also from the small-group perspective where real collaboration takes hold. Indeed, collaboration only occurs at the group level and never from the efforts of one individual. The reality is that collaboration only really happens when groups come-together to work on a shared projects, tasks and goals.

This two day learning intensive introduces participants to the facilitative methods and techniques used to help groups and teams to arrive at a state of continued constructive collaboration. The work is based on small group theory and its application to the organizational context, with real world application.

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Strategic Alliances & Partnerships
Building Collaborative Advantage for Growth

In today's modern and complex international and domestic marketplace, there is no business that succeeds without learning to build and sustain strategic business relationships. From for-profit companies to public entities, and not-for-profits, all sorts of organizations are partnering to build strategic advantage and bring greater capabilities to market. Strategic Alliances and Partnerships are agreements between entities to do just that. In alliances, firms commit resources to achieve complementary and/or supplementary objectives. They are a tool used by executives to arrive at particular strategic goals where companies develop the collaborative leadership capabilities to build collaborative advantage; a competency to build successful alliances with: customers, suppliers, competitors, universities, divisions of government, non-for-profits and NGO's. Through Strategic Alliances & Partnerships, companies improve competitive positioning, enable shared value, gain entry to new markets, supplement critical skills, access new capabilities and share the risk or cost of major developments with other firms.

This two-day learning program is meant to help companies and organizations become better prepared and more informed on how to actually develop Strategic Alliances and Partnerships and then maintain them. The course takes participants through the theoretical aspects of alliances-strategy using case methods and also includes experiential learning components where executive can begin to apply learning directly in their own strategic alliance development activities. The program incorporates a Collaborative Partnership Methodology that provides road-tested methods for facilitating group collaboration so that alliances teams can come together to build the kind of partnership that leads to strategic alliances success. The program is an intensive learning experience that weaves small-group leadership facilitation into an alliances development process that greatly increases your chances of successfully deploying an alliances strategy.

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