Operative Partnership Methodology

The Operative Partnership Methodology™ is a system of group coaching, facilitation and dialogue methods that are applied throughout the 5-Territories of Alliance Development™. The methodology uses a particular set of tools, group coaching and facilitation practices which support teams to collaborate together and overcome group leadership challenges they face as the alliance is constructed.

The methodology, developed by Coherence comes in large part from several well-known group theorists, psychologists and team-development experts. A main contributor is Enrique Pichon-Rivière is a world renowned psychoanalyst, social and group psychology theorist, recognized for his ground breaking work and applied research in operative group processes. What makes his work ground-breaking is it provides facilitators and integrators a practical and comprehensive method to work with teams. Other contributors include the work of Bion, Lewin and Susan Wheelan.

Much like individualized leadership coaching, the Operative Partnership Methodology™ is employed across several months where Coherence Integrators meet with teams at work in their day-to-day environments to help them build the norms and behaviors of high-performance groups.

Generally, meetings last 2 hours. They involve working with groups to have the conversations that lead to greater relatedness. Helping them confront conflicts productively and work through differences that may be latent but nevertheless affecting the groups capability to partner on tasks productively.