Facilitating Team Collaboration

“The promise of collaboration resides in our collective capacities to challenges each ourselves to reach greater states of Coherence as interdependent actors in a global system of relatedness, where we partner together to create opportunities that benefit us all.” - Martin Echavarria

Collaboration is the buzz word of the 21st century and for good reason. Today professionals work on all kinds of teams and cross functional groups to help organizations remain agile and productive in response to market change and global business complexity. Yet, how often have you left a meeting perplexed wondering why productivity was so limited, why the conversations where so inevitably flat and why frankly there was so little life?

That’s where we come in. We help to build the team capability to respond to the challenges of 21st century business, not to add more work to your day. Rather, to instrument teams to learn from each other so they can discern what tasks are critical to success and how they can be more effective, innovative and engaged. Where they can look back and feel the meetings where energizing rather than tiring.

For the last 15 years, Coherence has worked with all kinds of teams across all kinds of industries and cultures, to unveil the dynamics that cause unproductive behaviors and enable collaboration to emerge where real honest conversations can be had, people can relate better and trust can be fostered.

We do this in the office at work with you and your teams, in the practice of group work itself so that teams can learn to produce the interactions that lead to the results we all really want out of working with others.