Client Wins

Client: Top 4 financial services bank was engaged in digital transformation initiative to condense operating business units from five to three. The purpose for the transformation: take full advantage of digital bank needed to build increase collaborative capabilities horizontally across new organization.

Solution: Engagement group of senior consultants worked across the organization to instrument teams to collaborate by facilitating work sessions dealing with challenges arising from transformation initiative. Weekly group work sessions of three to four hours across a time frame of three months where developed and implemented.

Results: Assisted group collaborative capability that resulted in streamlining work-flows and smoother adoption of organizational transformation initiative that resulted in launching two new digital projects in three months, a 70% increase in time to market.

Client: VP of Emerging Payments Regional International Bank

Need: A conservative Top-2 Canadian Bank needed support in building out his team and in establishing himself as regional collaborator intent on building his business through Strategic Alliances. The leader contracted Martín to help him round out his expertise in alliances as well as help him to strategize on how to influence across an international region.

Results: The leader, collaborating with his team, and supported by individual coaching closed three major strategic alliances in Mobile Money and established a regional committee to expand emerging payments as a key bank initiative across 20 markets.

Challange: Top 2 Canadian Bank expanding by 20% across America’s region developing strategic alliances with major Latin American regional players in several industry categories cards, merchant acquiring, insurance and other financial services.

Solution: Implemented Alliances Framework engineered for strategic business development, applying collaborative leaderships methodologies, dialogue and a business processes.

Results: During several yearlong process, Identified, approached in closed over US$100 million in strategic relationships and instrumented alliances teams with tools and methods that resulted in 80% success rate, versus the averaged 50% failure rate.

Challange: Global team of supply chain responsible for operations of top two mobile network operator in the US was struggling to make the transition from operating a local based group to a global collaborative enterprise in Europe, US and Latin America.

Solution: Team Coaching was used to meet two key goals: 1. develop collaborative practices using our leadership development framework 2. learn the methods and practices from a group leadership perspective to challenge each other to devise the best solutions to business problems regardless of their origin. Hosted collaborative work sessions, learning to share leadership and engage teams and individuals to have conversations that allow for better decision making and execution.

Results: Groups reorganized workflow and identified new methods for optimizing global fleet of vehicles.