Partnership Innovation Sessions

These are specifically designed and facilitated work sessions where alliances teams co-create and co-discover what their alliance could look like. These multi- stakeholder meetings typically involve 10 to 25 people from marketing, operations, finance and other areas of the participating companies and is a foundational step to forming the partnership. The resulting alliance design is then further solidified through Territory Three, where ideas are tested in the market and the alliances structure is consolidated.

For underperforming alliances, Partnership Innovation Sessions are an essential step to help them get back on track. Partnership Innovation Sessions help to:

  • Build the collective vision of a major strategic collaboration.
  • Map the potential of an alliance across business units, products and services that results in innovative ideas that emerge from group collaboration.
  • Get underperforming partnerships back on track.
  • Establish the real-shared potential of a current or potential strategic alliance.
  • Optimize current alliances to the next level of operability.