Coherence's Framework is founded on five core concepts applied internally within companies and externally with alliances partners:

The first is that collaborative leadership is foundational for organizational and alliance success. It occurs only when individuals come together to work as a group, and never only at the individual level. Although individual leadership programs contribute to productive groups, groups themselves also require leadership support. Additionally, successful alliances are therefore predicated on groups working collaboratively together across partnering companies.

The second: collaborative leadership developed internally or externally with alliance partners and capability to move into collaboration is fundamentally an emotional group process of relatedness, belonging and mutuality - which are developed over time and are foundational to building trust.

Third: alliances and partnerships can only move beyond situational problem solving towards a collective orientation to co-create a desired future when group collaboration emerges.

Fourth: the partnership journey toward collaboration entails more than just learning. It requires experience that goes beyond learning and encompasses working, winning and facing challenges together. Building alliances across complex and varies business processes requires collaborative experiential learning.

Finally: all parties involved in a partnership require guidance from an objective Partnership Facilitator & Coach whose role is to support the partnership (distinct from the parties in it). The partnership coach provides perspective by illuminating collective blind spots. This is essential to help navigate and overcome the many challenges which always arise when groups of people attempt to collaborate.