Martin Echavarria

Martin Echavarría

Martin Echavarría has dedicated his professional career in business collaboration, the nexus where individuals and small groups come together to work productively. From building Strategic Alliances and Partnerships across industries, culture, and geographies, to coaching executives and their teams to collaborate effectively, Martin has successfully combined alliance development know-how with collaborative-leadership methodologies - enabling all kinds of organizations to partner successfully.

He has over fifteen years' experience enabling strategic collaborations between global companies resulting in over $2 billion in revenue. He has a Master's Degree in International Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management, a Bachelor's Degree in Business and Political Science from Emory University, studied Strategic Alliances at the Wharton School and Integral Coaching at New Ventures West.

In 2012, Coherence received the Alliance Excellence Award from Association of Strategic Alliances Professionals for the partnership between Scotiabank and Digicel, profiled by President Bill Clinton in an article entitled "the Case for Optimism" in TIME Magazine. The alliance was the first Mobile-Wallet in the Americas, allowing Haitians to access and transfer money via their cell phones.

"What I enjoy most, is experiencing diverse groups come together in a moment of accommodating illumination, where they set aside differences, and focus on the tasks they set before themselves - building a partnership through their collaboration that results an alliance that represents their concrete goals and aspirations."